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My name is Lee Douglas Pilcher. I get my name from my parents, Norma Lee and Douglas Alan Pilcher. I was raised in South Florida. Born in Broward General Hospital. I went to church where my parents met. Even though I was raised in church in my younger life, I got in trouble quite a bit as a child in school. I started doing drugs and drinking around 14 years old, which got worse the older I got. In 2015, I finally got clean for a long period of time when I went to Faith Farm. Then I met my ex-girl friend, Debbie in 2020. I relapsed bad, and then I found Sonrise Mission Bible Training Center. I am finding my Lord Jesus once again. I'm so thankful to be growing more every day. Thank You Lord for everything You are doing, and with the way that the Lord has been moving in my life. I think that I have finally found my calling.

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